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For Sale and Wanted
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For Sale Wanted

Added 01-01-22
M35 Deuce and a Half (Reo) truck.

Hi, in the near future I am looking to buy a M35 Deuce and a Half truck and so am putting some feelers out to see if anyone was thinking of selling theirs in 2022.

In brief I am looking for the following truck :

1) U.K registered, really preferably pre 1960, but will possibly consider later registered trucks.

2) Non Winch model.

3) M35A2 spec. This is essential. So LDT turbo 1C or 1D multifuel engines only please.

4) As original (and complete to original spec) as possible.

5) "ready to go" very nice restored/preserved condition. Do not want any rust, major mechanical issues to fix or loads of parts to find.

Many thanks for any possible leads/interest etc.

Please contact me on roanhithe "at" gmail "dot" com . (Please change "at" to @ and "dot" to . and remove any spaces- done to avoid spam)