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Ryan PT-22 Recruit Flight at Breighton - July 17th

Having had a long interest in the U.S. 8th Army Air Force, it was a fantastic experience to fly in the 1942 built, Ryan PT-22 Recruit. It was one of the primary U.S. trainers from WW2. I was only expecting a short flight around as a passenger, but it was a great thrill to fly the aircraft myself, and then for my first landing in any aircraft, to be a WW2 era trainer.

The first four pictures show the aircraft, then me with the parachute on and strapped in. Time for a quick wave before engine start and we're good to go. Forward visibility is somewhat restricted. 

After a few turns of the prop to prime the engine, with a cloud of smoke, the big five cylinder radial roars into life. We then taxied out for runway 28. From the cockpit shot, you can see why it is so important to weave a taildragger aircraft on the taxiway. We held short of runway 28 while a Miles Messenger lands, then taxied out, lined up and opened the throttle ( see video below ).
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Climbing away to the West on a beautiful sunny afternoon, seen from the ground and from the cockpit. In the distance in the third picture, in line with the wing, the former RAF Breighton, mostly covered now by an industrial estate. That nose and big radial are still taking up a large part of the forward view.
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Flying to the North West of Breighton airfield, it can be seen ahead of the starboard wing. These were the last pictures I took, as from then on, I was flying the aircraft. We returned to the airfield to do a run and break prior to landing. Lost below our port wing, and out of sight to us, a Bucker Jungmann lurks.
ryan17.jpg (80435 bytes) ryan18.jpg (89085 bytes) ryan19.jpg (83544 bytes) ryan20.jpg (65187 bytes)
While the separation in the pictures looks plenty, seeing him appear from under the starboard wing, perhaps a couple of hundred feet below us was somewhat of a surprise. The Jungmann continued North East as I ran in towards the airfield. As I started to level up to run along the runway, the Jungmann had turned to follow us.
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I descended down to about 35 feet altitude down the runway ( based on the wingspan ), then power on, pull up and break into the landing circuit.
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Flaps down and on finals, the speed was falling from 80 to 75 knots, I was on the runway centre line. Just before Les called, I was already easing the stick back to begin the hold off and flare. The pictures capture the approach, hold off and roll out.
ryan29.jpg (71206 bytes) ryan30.jpg (68660 bytes) ryan31.jpg (67323 bytes) ryan32.jpg (67738 bytes)
 The roll out speed continued to drop and Les called for a touch of brakes to slow in order to turn off to the refuelling point. 
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With the speed almost gone, a little throttle and rudder to turn off the runway to the fuelling point. Taxiing back, Lynne caught a picture with "Jessie" in the foreground. Les Clark was talking me through everything during the circuit from the rear cockpit, until I brought the Ryan to a halt at the fuel pumps. From the cockpit, it felt like I did a good landing, and the photos from the ground seem to back that up! ( thankfully!! ). Lynne wasn't aware I did the landing, so it must have looked smooth from the crowdline.

Magneto switches to off, and the clattering bag of hammers that is the Kinner Radial engine, stops, returning my world to silence. Then it was the seat harness unfastened, parachute unfastened and intercom unplugged. It was hard enough to climb in wearing the chute; I can't imagine how hard it would have been having to bail out.

The last shot shows me climbing out after 20 minutes of time travel back to the 1940's. An amazing experience.

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