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USAAF Jeep to RAF Jeep Conversion

By Stephen Carr

"Jessie" is getting a new dress for the 2018 season! There's a number of events I go to, such as the Breighton Fly-In's, where an RAF Jeep would perhaps be more appropriate than USAAF. While I need to do some welding work on "Jessie" over the winter, I didn't want to do a complete, and permanent respray, especially since my other vehicles are all in US 100th Bombardment Group markings to match.
Enter magnetic plastic! I found a 2 metre x 610mm roll of motorway grade plastic on Ebay for about 16.00. This has allowed me to produce a set of RAF markings to hide the current USAAF scheme. Since they are on magnetic material, they can easily be fitted or removed, depending on the event I'm attending. However, I needed a small roundel on the front, and I've seen wartime pictures with one on the grill. The plastic wouldn't work in this location, so a steel disc was cut and painted which will clamp around the bars of the grill.
raf1.jpg (100268 bytes) raf2.jpg (112843 bytes)
The first step was paper templates for the plastic parts. I needed plastic pieces cut to hide the hood star and USA markings, the stars on the side of the body, and the front rear bumper markings. The large star on the rear body would be covered by a metal sheet, bolted on. This was due to the reinforcing piece for the jerry can bracket not providing a smooth flat surface for the plastic. With templates made, the nine pieces were cut, and then given a light wet sand to key the surface.
raf4.jpg (76775 bytes) raf5.jpg (90278 bytes) raf6.jpg (74568 bytes) raf7.jpg (96029 bytes)
With the plastic keyed, masking and painting began. Paper stencils were printed to plot out the lettering which was drawn on in pencil, and then masked. Olive drab was then sprayed, with the masking tape protecting the plastic where I wanted white lettering. One rear bumperette was to have a roundel while the other had the Bomber Command Group.
raf8.jpg (78730 bytes) raf9.jpg (75682 bytes)
raf11.jpg (65715 bytes) raf12.jpg (56578 bytes)
The roundel bumperette and side roundels were painted by hand after the olive drab was sprayed. The cellulose olive drab dried fairly quickly, allowing the front bumper markings to be revealed, utilizing the original hood number as the RAF registration.
raf13.jpg (71227 bytes) raf14.jpg (66356 bytes) raf15.jpg (85369 bytes) raf16.jpg (94513 bytes)
 The 36 inch long RAF registration and Bomber Command Group code piece is complete and blends well with the original bumper colour. The large hood roundel is made in two pieces due to the size of the plastic sheet that was available. Since the hood has a seam down the centre anyway, I didn't see a problem having a join line through the roundel.
On the back of the Jeep, the left bumperette has the RAF roundel while the right has the Group markings. I've left these white to better blend with the originals which are also white. The rear RAF registration will hide the large star once made. The olive drab on the side roundel also blends fairly well when viewed just a short distance away. 
raf19.jpg (69715 bytes) raf20.jpg (69264 bytes) raf21.jpg (65541 bytes) raf22.jpg (84032 bytes)
A view of the bumper markings with the grill roundel temporarily fitted. I am yet to make the clamp that will hold the roundel onto the grill.

Attaching the roundel to the hood is quite tricky as the magnetic pull of the plastic is pretty strong. If it is placed on slightly out of position, it won't slide to the correct location, but must be peeled off again and re-applied.

raf24.jpg (64399 bytes) raf25.jpg (73604 bytes)
All done! The rear and front views of the new markings.