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 Morris MRA1 Restoration by Brandon Young

In 2019 Hazel Coulson decided to convert her Morris MRA1 back to the original petrol engine. The Truck had been converted to a Leyland 4.98 4 cylinder diesel from a Leyland FG truck the gearbox and clutch had also been used. Although the Morris had been running this conversion for over 12 years it was noisy and hard to drive the clutch was fierce and very heavy and it was prone to running hot. I offered to help out if we could find an original engine and transmission.

After searching for the green unicorn we found a wrecked donor truck, we were able to obtain the engine and gearbox transfer etc. Unfortunately the engine had suffered water damage into the cylinders and were rusted in the bores. 
The engine was brought over to my workshop and dismantled inspected, the cylinder block and head were sent over to Ashby Anderson at Leeds for a set of liners bore to standard and skimming.

Reassembly of the engine using new parts in my workshop, the fuel system was modified to take a weber 34ICH from a Land rover, utilizing electric pump and new filters. The water pump housing was machined to take a modern rebuild kit for a Nuffield tractor.

4.25 Litre Morris S.E.A ohv Engine now painted up and ready for test run. The Gearbox had to be dismantled and rebuilt, the clutch was remanufactured, a starter motor was kindly donated by John Hanna, some gauges and a carburettor were donated by Graham Golder.

The truck arrived as soon as warm weather set in and wasnít long before the engine and gearbox were out, some chassis repairs had to be made to the cross member and engine mounting etc.
Hazel checking my work !!

The new engine was fitted and a new fuel system installed. However a new exhaust system had to be fabricated, new wiring had to be created front to back this involved making a dashboard and gauges warning lamps sympathetic to the Morris and workable. Previously the truck didnít have a working temp or fuel gauge.Modifying a Series 3 Landover cluster with some classic car parts got us a suitable working instrument.
The engine ran smooth with the weber carburettor without making any changes to the jets, a larger jet was added later as it lacked a little on the test drive. New fuel sender from an early Landover fitted into the original tank and worked correctly with the land rover fuel gauge unit. A Facet electric pump was used and a fuel pressure filter regulator along with modern fuel lines. The test drive went well the clutch and gears smooth the engine runs quiet and has lots of power. It was defiantly lighter on the steering and it now possible to talk in the cab.
Many people helped make this project happen John Hanna, Graham Golder, Lee Jowit, and Dale Shipley for his help though out the project. Thanks to all for their support donations of time and materials Ė itís been a great team thing.