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Fun in the Snow - January 14th 2016

Over late November and December, it snowed, but I was too ill to get out with a Jeep. I particularly wanted to take 'Hope' out, as I hadn't got any snowy pictures of the GPW. In December, I swapped the Jeeps around in the garage, so 'Hope' was easier to get out, and then waited for the weather.

January 14th began with rain first thing, but within an hour, everything outside had turned white, and it was a blizzard. With possible rain later in the day that might have washed the snow away again, I decided not to wait for the snow to stop. I wrapped up in my B3 fleece lined flying jacket and took 'Hope' for a ten mile drive around Washington and Springwell, looking for nice backgrounds. I past queues of commuter traffic going the other way, and got lots of smiles and waves as I stood in the blizzard taking pictures!

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