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 Winter Door Field Modification
By Stephen Carr

After studying the picture below, and being emailed another picture of an airbase jeep, it was realised that this jeep doesn't have a canvas winter side and door kit.

 It has actually had a field modification to give it a wooden side enclosure and doors beneath the canvas top.

This got me thinking, a canvas winter kit could cost up to 600, but copying this original field modification could give me an authentic warm winter enclosure for a fraction of the price. 

The original version was probably made from old packing crates, but with a lack of Wright Cyclone engine packing crates lying around, my version comes from B&Q!

The sides are made from 1/4 inch ply and were cut approximately to size before being offered up to the jeep and marked for fixing locations and cutouts to clear the bow supports. The ply side is slightly taller than the opening to allow the roof canvas to overlap so rain will drain down the outside.
A 1 1/2 x 3/4 timber frame was added to the ply panels. The joints were reinforced by using picture framing 'V' nails ( seen left ). The picture to the right shows the early stages of the door panel. Much measuring of the opening was done before the wooden outline of the door was cut. 
Because of the kink in the jeeps side body panels, the door also had to have the kink which required much clamping and many screws to hold it while the glue dried. To the right, the first trial fitting with the door hinged to the rear panel. 
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