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 Arrival at Debach Airfield - May 28th

After missing Battlegroup North due to illness, and another show being cancelled, we decided to use the fuel money on a trip to Debach airfield, the home of the 493rd Bombardment Group. The last time we were there was 2010, so we were overdue a visit! "Jessie" had been there a number of times, so this time we took "Hope", although there was also another reason for bringing "Hope" on this trip. It was a nice drive down, and there was a lovely sunny evening to relax in.
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We took the opportunity to go for a short drive around the airfield, and down to the tower for some pictures. Lynne drove the GPW down to the tower, and parked up for the pictures, but then couldn't get the Jeep to move again. The engine was revving as if just in neutral. It turned out that one of us must have knocked the four wheel drive select into neutral, while swapping around for photos. I also gave Lyta her first go driving the Jeep, or more precisely, steering it, while sitting next to me. I took the Jeep down to near the main runway, and with some prompting of left and right, she steered us the three quarters of a mile back to our tent while I crawled along in first gear. She was over the Moon, and did well for someone of just five and a half years old.
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As the Sun began to set, the Moon was already high in the sky above the control tower. Both the Sun and the Moon gave some nice pictures to end the first day. The following day was to be a non-military day, visiting the near by Sutton Hoo National Trust property.
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